VARELA is an emerging sustainable brand, dedicated to making quality fashion available to everybody, regardless of their social status, gender-conformity, race or body type.

To sell quality products, to this company is not only about the materials, but about the quality of life of the people that participate in every process of the making, from illustrating to patternmaking, sewing, photography, etc, til the product is in your hands. Our mission is to promote an ethical and responsible consumption model, introducing the slow fashion philosophy, promoting full transparency in our production processes and traceability of the garments, which we hope you also demand other companies.

From Spain with love, this brand was created by Juan Varela Duarte, Argentinian born fashion designer, costume designer for TV, cinema and other productions, and stylist. As my personal project, its my intention to grow this business to international level, connecting queer, latinx and marginalized communities with designs that spark joy and bring colour to their lives.